Jenemi's Trading Page

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The Rules

Want to trade with me? Awesome! But first, you have to read the rules. If you're paranoid/worried about feedback, you can check mine out here. Anyway, now onto the rules!

1. I will only trade/color-swap for items I need. I will NOT trade for anything else. I don't believe in hoarding, I hate hoarding items, and I do not trade for items just to hoard for the future.

2. I will only trade for the EXACT COLORS of the items shown. I don't care if you have the item, but in a different color. I only want those colors.

3. If you desperately need something, but have nothing I'm looking for, I do have a Finder's Fee. Not sure what that is? Well, there's more about it on the trading page.

4. If I have something pending, please do not offer it to me. That means I am already working on a trade with it. There is always a chance that it will come off pending though and I didn't manage to get it, so be sure to check back.

5. I will not MiniMail you or check your list. If you come to me, it is your job as an offerer to check my list, check back for my response, or MiniMail me yourself. I will do the same for you.

6. I will rarely trade for art, so I'd rather you not offer it. You can, but there's a high chance I'll reject. I only try and get art if I need it for something and usually then, I'll probably come to you.

7. Do not beg me for anything. I don't care if I have 50 bazillion of an item--don't beg for it. Begging will just make me never want to give you anything in the future.

8. And I'm repeating this for good judgment. If I do NOT have the item listed under Wanted (in those exact colors), I do NOT want it. Do not offer me anything besides what I want. The only exception is when a brand new Gachapon comes out--as for most of the first day, I will only list what I need in my TinierMe Diary instead of on the trading page for convenience. In this case, you may also minimail me about items in that gacha that I mention are needed in my diary ALONG what's listed on the trading page. NOTHING ELSE WILL BE ACCEPTED. When the number lowers and if I still need things, then it'll be added here, so be sure to check my diary on TinierMe during those times. People seem to think this means you can offer me anything when a new gachapon is out--that is incorrect. You can only offer me the items on my trading page and for the first day a gachapon is out: The items in a New Gacha-related diary entry I have listed I wanted. Oh, and select all to see the final rule.

9. Hit the R in Rules to get to my trading page!

Now that you've read the rules, click here to trade!