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Gothic Lolita Angels & Demons Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Gothic Lolita Angels & Demons Gachapon.


Astrology Book Black

Astrology Book Blue x4

Astrology Book Purple

Devil's One Piece Black

Devil's One Piece Pink x2

Silver Crown Necktie Black x2

Variety Overshirt Black

Variety Overshirt Red x2

Wave Short Black

Wave Short Yellow x4

Witches' Pigtails Brown

Witches' Pigtails Pink

Front Ribbon Red x3

Front Ribbon White x2

Hard Rider's Jaceket B White


Gothic Sister Black x6

Heart Rose Bag Red x Gold x3

Princess Short Blue

Princess Short Brown x5

Princess Short Hair Pink x4

Princess Short Yellow x2

Princess Tailor Coat Blue x3

Princess Tailor Coat Pink x3

Rose Hair Corsage Black x4

Rose Hair Corsage Pink

Twin Ribbon Shoes Red x3

Gothic Sister Red


Gothic Top Red x2

Gothic Top White

Twin Tailor Jacket White x2

Visual Layer Blue x3

Visual Layer Red

Visual Layer Yellow x4

Glamorous Horns Black

Glamorous Horns Red x3

Glamorous Horns White x2

Glamorous Line Boots Black/Grey x2

Gothic Mini Trunk White x2

Gothic Top Black x3

Twin Tailor Jacket Red