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Animal Parade Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Animal Parade Gachapon.
Quick note: Please be sure to see note/tidbit #6 above the list of trading category links of the items, as if you're looking for those kind of items, you won't find them here.


Silk Hat with Two Toned Hair Green, Pink, White x2

Penguin Head Purple x3

Silk Hat with Two Toned Hair Pink, Black, Green

Penguin Head Blue

Silk Hat with Two Toned Hair Black, Yellow, Red

Penguin Head Black

Bear Head White

Silk Hat with Two Toned Hair Pink, Black, Yellow x2

Bear Head Brown

Silk Hat with Two Toned Hair Green, Pink, Black

Silk Hat with Two Toned Black, Yellow, Blue


Cat Suit Yellow

Kangaroo Head Black

Kangaroo Head Orange x2

Cat Suit Pink

Kicking Kangaroo Suit White x2

Kangaroo Head Blue x4

Kitty Head Yellow

Kangaroo Head Green x3

Kicking Kangaroo Suit Orange x4

Kitty Head Black x2

Cat Suit Black x3

Kicking Kangaroo Suit Pink

Kangaroo Head Pink

Kangaroo Head White

Kitty Head Pink

Kicking Kangaroo Suit Green x2


Squirrel Suit Blue x3

Squirrel Suit White x2

Lion Ears Yellow x8

Squirrel Head Blue x5

Lion Ears Black

Wild Lion Suit White

Mouse Suit B Grey x4

Wild Lion Suit Red/Black x2

Mouse Suit A Pink x4

Squirrel Head Pink x6

Squirrel Head Green x3

Mouse Hairband Grey x4

Squirrel Head Black x2

Squirrel Suit Green x2

Mouse Hairband Red x2

Mouse Suit A Blue x2

Squirrel Head Orange x2

Lion Ears White x2

Wild Lion Suit Black

Squirrel Suit Black

Squirrel Head White