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Welcome to China Town Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Welcome to China Town Gachapon.


Casual China Top Black x4

Casual China Top Blue x2

Casual China Top White

Double Buns Blue x6

Double Buns Pink

Double Buns Yellow x3

Half Chinese Pants Black

Half Chinese Pants White x2

Half Chinese Pants Blue x2

Panda Handbag Black x8

Panda Handbag Blue x4

Panda Handbag Pink x6

Panda Wallet Boy x11

Panda Wallet Girl x4

Trendy China Top Black

Twin Tail Loop Black

Twin Tail Loop Blue x2

Twin Tail Loop Pink

Twin Tail Loop Yellow


Chinese Hair Ornament Blue x6

Chinese Hair Ornament Pink x2

Enchanted Chinese Lantern Red

Feather Fan Blue x7

Feather Fan Yellow

Sleeveless China Dress Red

Sleeveless China Dress Blue x3

Long Braided Buns Black x6

Long Braided Buns Pink x5

Long Braided Buns White x3

Long Braided Buns Yellow x3

Peony Folding Fan Red x3

Peony Folding Fan Yellow x4

Simple China Jacket Black x2

Simple China Jacket Green x3

Simple China Jacket White x3

Sleeveless China Dress Black


Azure Dragon Blade Black x6

Chinese Lance x3

Chinese Tiger Wear Red x2

Gorgeous China Jacket Blue

Mini Chinese Jacket Blue x4

Mini Chinese Jacket Pink x2

Mini Chinese Jacket Red x2

Natural Short Black x7

Natural Short Blue/Green x2

Natural Short Red

Gorgeous China Jacket Black

Azure Dragon Blade Red