Jenemi's Trading Page

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Devilishly Cute Gacha

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Devilishly Cute Gacha.


Hard Studded Belt Red x2

Crown Shoulder Bag Red x5

Cool Belted Boots Green x2

Crown Shoulder Bag Black x3

Crown Shoulder Bag Purple x5

Cool Belted Boots Blue x4

Hard Studded Belt Black x2

Butterfly Hairclip Pink x3

Butterfly Hairclip Purple x3

Royal Diamond Necklace White

Royal Diamond Necklace Black x2

Star Soft Felt Hat Blue x3

Long Shirt with Vest A Pink

Royal Diamond Necklace Pink x3

Cool Belted Boots Red x3

Butterfly Hairclip White x3

Star Soft Felt Hat Black

Triple Frill One Piece Pink

Triple Frill One Piece Yellow x3


Princess Twin Curly Pink x2

Princess Twin Curly Brown x2

Devilish Mule with Knee Highs Blue

Frilly Cosmetic Bag Green

Frilly Cosmetic Bag Pink x2

Lace Chiffon One Piece B White x2

Sexy Devilish One Piece B Orange

Devilish Mule with Knee Highs Purple

Princess Twin Curly Blue

Sexy Devilish One Piece A Purple

Lace Chiffon One Piece A Pink x2

Cute Devilish One Piece B Pink and White

Cute Devilish One Piece A Purple x2


Cool Sunglasses Green x4

Spring Layered Style A Yellow x3

Cool Sunglasses Blue x2

Shaggy Prince Bob Blue x3

Shaggy Prince Bob Brown

Shaggy Prince Bob Yellow x2

Casual Skull Style A Blue x2

Cool Jacket B Green x2

Spring Layered Style A Blue

Casual Skull Style A Black

Cool Tank Top Style A Blue x2

Cool Sunglasses Red

Cool Tank Top Style A Purple