Jenemi's Trading Page

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Gothic Lolita Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Gothic Lolita Gachapon.


Bandage Eye-Patch Black

Curly Side Tails Blue

Fluffy Sweet Skirt Blue x3

Fluffy Sweet Skirt Pink

Fluffy Sweet Skirt White x2

Lolita Cut & Sew Black

Lolita Cut & Sew Pink

Lolita Cut & Sew White

Mini Silk Hat White x3

Shoulder Heart Bag Black x2

Shoulder Heart Bag Pink x5

Sweet Ribbon Blouse Pink

Sweet Ribbon Blouse White x3

Mini Silk Hat Black x3

Semi Long Rolls White x3

Curly Side Tails Light Pink


Bandage Eye-Patch Blue x3

Classic Silk Hat Black

Classic Silk Hat Blue x3

Classic Silk Hat Red x2

Cool Slick Back Hair Red

Formal Pants Black x7

Formal Pants Green x3

Formal Pants Red

Mini Necktie Black x2

Mini Necktie White

Northern Short Black x2

Northern Short White

Tail Coat Black x5

Tail Coat Green x2

Tail Coat Red

Tuxedo with Cape Blue x3

Tuxedo with Cape Red

Variety Overshirt White

Cool Slick Back Hair Yellow