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Halloween Masquerade Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Halloween Masquerade Gachapon.


Apprentice Witch One Piece Pink

Braided Wavy Hair Black

Braided Wavy Hair Brown x3

Chimera Tail Black x3

Chimera Tail Purple x4

Halloween Wolf Girl Ears Black

Halloween Wolf Girl Ears White x2

Halloween Wolf Girl Ears Yellow

Halloween Wolf Girl B Yellow

Screw x6

Sexy Party Dress Blue

Wet Long Hair Pink x2

Wet Long Hair Yellow x5

Witch Hat Blue x2

Witch Hat Pink x2

Witch Hat Purple x2


Antenna Blue

Antenna Brown x2

Asymmetry Wolf Cut Red

Head Long Cross Black x2

Hockey Mask Red x3

Hockey Mask White

Mummy Suit White

Spider Chain Pendant Black x4

Spider Chain Pendant Yellow x2

Spider Chain Pendant Purple