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Japanese New Year Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Japanese New Year Gachapon.


Camellia Red


Flat Short Brown x2

Goldfish Pattern Jinbei Pink

Kotetsu Sword x4

Masamune Sword

Paeonia Ornament White x2

Paper Umbrella Black x5

Plum Flower Branch Black

Plum Flower Branch Brown

Slim Layered Short Red x7

Wrapped Item Cloth Black x2

Wrapped Item Cloth Pink


Shrine Maiden Hair Blue x4

Butterfly Yukata Blue

Butterfly Yukata Pink x3

Butterfly Yukata Yellow

Fireworks Fan Black x4

Fireworks Fan Blue x3

Fireworks Fan Red x6

Shrine Maiden Hair Brown

Glorious Hair Ornament Black x5

Glorious Hair Ornament Red

Glorious Hair Ornament White x2

Kimono with Butterfly Obi Blue x2

Kimono with Butterfly Obi Pink

Shamisen Black x2

Shamisen Brown x2

Shamisen Red x3

Shrine Maiden Hair Black x2


Ceremonial Drinking Cup Red

Family Crest Hakama Brown

Family Crest Hakama White

Family Crest Hakama Yellow

Japanese Samurai Tail Black

Japanese Samurai Tail Red

Japanese Samurai Tail Yellow x2

Non-Alcoholic Sake Bottle Brown

Non-Alcoholic Sake Bottle Green

Tengu Mask Black Beard x2

Tengu Mask White Beard

Tengu Mask Yellow Beard x3

Yukata with Bandage White