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Magical Fairy Tale Gacha

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Magical Fairy Tale Gacha.


Natural Wavy Short Black x2

Dwarf Goggles Green x3

Natural Wavy Short Blue x3

Dwarf Goggles Black x3

Dwarf's Axe Red x2

Natural Wavy Short White x2

Dwarf's Axe Black x5

Snow White's Royal Dress B Pink x4

Rose Rapier Red x2

Poisoned Apple Purple x4

Natural Wavy Short Brown

Dandy Beard Black x3

Dwarf's Axe Grey x3

Dwarf Goggles Blue

Dandy Beard White x2

Rose Rapier Blue x5

Dwarf Suit A Black x3

Poisoned Apple Green


Jewel Hand Mirror Pink x4

Basket of Apples Pink x5

Princess Long Yellow

Princess Vale Purple x2

Princess Long Blue x3

Beauty One Piece B Blue x4

Princess Vale Blue x2

Princess Vale Pink x2

Fairy Tale Crown Pink x2

Beauty One Piece B Pink

Fairy Tale Crown Gold

Princess Long Pink x2

Jewel Hand Mirror Blue


Prince Sword Grey

Beast Prince Hair Blue x3

Beast Prince Hair Brown x2

Soft Fur Mantle B White

Beast Ears Blue

Magical Rose Book Red x3

Beast Prince A Purple

Beast Suit A Blue x2

Soft Fur Mantle A Blue

Prince Sword Red x4

Beast Ears Grey x2

Beast Prince Hair Red

Beast Suit A Red

Beast Prince Hair Yellow

Beast Ears Brown

Beast Prince A White, Red, and Blue

Magical Rose Book Purple