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Selfy's Quirky Hospital

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Selfy's Quirky Hospital Gachapon.

Note: This Gacha has just been released and therefore, I am playing it as we speak. You may see what I need on my Diary on TinierMe.


Blood Pack A x3

Restructuring Drill Black x3

Restructuring Drill Blue x2

Stethoscope Pink x4

Medical Bag Blue x3

Blood Pack O

Blood Pack B

Gift Basket Brown

Stethoscope White x2

Visual Operation Suit Red

Restructuring Drill White x2

Medical Bag Pink


Cute Nurse Suit Black x5

Nurse Cap White x3

Nurse Cap Pink x2

Medic One Piece Yellow

Medic One Piece White x2

Medic One Piece Pink x2

Sexy Nurse One Piece White x4

Arm Crutch White x3

Nurse Cap Black

Short Wave Bob with Bandage Red

Electric Thermometer Purple

Short Wave Bob with Bandage Black

Electric Thermometer Pink x2

Electric Thermometer Light Purple

Arm Crutch Brown

Arm Crutch Blue


Huge Needle Blue x2

Intravenous Drip Pink x3

Huge Needle Pink x5

Head Mirror Blue

Mad Doctor Suit White

Intravenous Drip Blue x2

Intravenous Drip Black x3

Head Mirror Pink x2