Jenemi's Trading Page

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Royal Ball Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Royal Ball Gachapon.


Small Crown Tiara Red x2

Fairy Tale Long Purple x3

Fairy Tale Long Yellow x6

Frilly Skirt Blue x6

Frilly Skirt White x6

Frilly Skirt Yellow x6

Heart Staff Blue x9

Heart Staff Pink x3

Loose Ponytail Blue

Loose Ponytail Pink

Magical Dress Blue

Magical Dress Pink x2

Queen's Dress Blue x4

Queen's Dress Red x2

Queen's Dress Yellow x4

Small Crown Tiara Blue


Bunny Ears Short Blue

Cane Black

Cane Brown x3

Crown Blue

King's Jacket Blue x2

King's Jacket Red x2

King's Jacket Yellow

Madhatter Short Red x3

Striped Jacket Black x4

Striped Jacket Red

Striped Jacket Yellow

Striped Wide Pants Blue

Striped Wide Pants Red

Trunk Hose Blue x4

Trunk Hose Yellow/Black x6