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Selfy in Wonderland Gacha

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Selfy in Wonderland Gacha. If I received any extra Flamingos, they will be in the gacha I got them in.


Chesire Cat Tail Red x3

Trump Butler Jacket A Red

Chesire Cat Tail Pink x2

Trump Butler Jacket B Green

Glossy Teapot Brown x2

Glossy Teapot Blue x2

Cheshire Cat Ears Pink

Glossy Teapot Yellow

Flamingo Mallet White

Trump Butler Jacket B White

Glossy Tea Pot Red

Cheshire Cat Tail White

Cheshire Cat Ears Red

King Rabbit Suit Black

Trump Butler Jacket A Black

King Rabbit Suit White

Cheshire Cat Tail Black

King Rabbit Suit Brown


Trump Queen Dress A Blue x2

Natural Straight Long Blue

Rabbit Maid Dress A Pink/Brown

Trump Mace Pink x2

Rabbit Maid Dress A Blue

Rabbit Maid Cap Brown

Apron Girl One Piece A Pink/White

Satin Hairband Pink

Natural Straight Long White

Satin Hairband Black

Trump Mace Red

Rabbit Maid Cap Red

Apron Girl One Piece B Pink/Brown

Satin Hairband Red

Natural Straight Long Black

Natural Straight Long Pink

Rabbit Maid Cap Black

Trump Mace Green


Flamingo Mallet Red

Rabbit Butler Suit B Pink/Brown

Silk Rabbit Hat Red

Glossy Cake Stand Black

Glossy Cake Stand Red

Technical Short Purple

Technical Short Blue

Trump Crown Pink

Apron Boy Suit A Blue

Trump King Suit A Pink x2

Rabbit Butler Suit A Blue

Rabbit Butler Suit A Red

Trump Crown Brown

Silk Rabbit Hat Pink

Technical Short Black

Apron Boy suit B Pink/Brown

Silk Rabbit Hat Blue

Technical Short Pink