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Selfy's Sweet Valentine Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Selfy's Sweet Valentine Gacha.


Casual Ribbon White x5

Nibbled Chocolate Bar Orange x5

Sweet Mini Hat Black x5

Heart Trunk Pink x7

Balloon Sweet One-Piece White x4

Heart Trunk Red x6

Sweet Mini Hat Purple x5

Casual Ribbon Pink x3

Balloon Sexy One Piece White x5

Checkered Jacket White x5

Balloon Sexy One-Piece Pink

Sweet Mini Hat Green x3

Balloon Sexy One Piece Blue x3

Checkered Jacket Red x3

Balloon Sweet One-Piece Pink x4

Nibbled Chocolate Bar Yellow

Checkered Jacket Black x2

Nibbled Chocolate Bar Red x3


Sweet Headdress White x4

Heart Earmuffs Pink x5

Sweet Headdress Black

Twirled Hair Semi Long Yellow x3

Patissier Girl A Pink

Twirled Hair Semi Long White x2

Heart Earmuffs Purple x3

Sweet Lolita One Piece B White

Heart Balloon Yellow x3

Heart Earmuffs Blue x2

Heart Balloon Pink x4

Heart Balloon White x4

Sweet Headdress Blue x5

Sweet Waitress B White

Sweet Lolita One Piece Blue

Sweet Waitress A Pink

Patissier Girl B Yellow


Almost Done Cake Brown x4

Patissier Hat Pink x5

Divided Soft Short White x2

Sweet Boy B Black/White x5

Patissier Hat Green x3

Sweet Boy A Blue x4

Bitten Milk Chocolate x4

Divided Soft Short Blue x3

Sweet Boy B Green x3

Patissier Boy A Red x4

Patissier Boy A Black x3

Sweet Waiter A Black x3

Patissier Hat Black x4

Almost Done Cake Blue x3

Patissier Boy B Green

Almost Done Cake Pink x3

Divided Soft Short Yellow

Divided Soft Short Red x4

Sweet Waiter A Blue

Bitten White Chocolate x4

Bitten Milk Chocolate with Ribbon x2

Sweet Waiter A Red