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Trading Page!

First of all, Thank you for reading the rules! I really appreciate it. And once again, if you're worried, you can check out my feedback here.

So now, let's get onto the whole trading thing~

As a reminder, if you do not have any of the items under "Wanted", it's probably best if you go. I won't trade except for those items, sorry! (once again, though, for the first day of a new Gacha, items I need will be in my diary before coming here). However, if you know someone who has the items, we do have a Finder's Fee! What's a Finder's Fee? Well....

Finder's Fee

A Finder's Fee is a prize given to anyone who finds someone who is trading an item I need. If I successfully trade with that person, the finder will also get to pick a prize. Animated/Action items are not eligible for this promotion. Sorry guys, but you should know that wouldn't be fair at all.

Items I Want

So, these are the items I will trade for. If you have them, Yay! If you don't, please re-read the first paragraph and the finder's fee info. Also, for those who do have them, if I have nothing you want, please MiniMail me anyway. I have several friends who are willing to give up items (many different kinds--action, event, etc.) that I do not have extras of to help me out. However, I'm not displaying this items on my site, so just because you don't see something listed doesn't mean I don't have it. Once again, please be sure to MiniMail me if you have any items I need, whether you see anything you want or not.


Double Pom Pom Pigtails Brown


Monsoon Path B Young Adult A

Monsoon Path A Young Adult B

Up for Trade

Due to the large amount of items, everything is split into sections (in chronological order (or when those kinds were first introduced)). Besides what you can find in the links, other items I have to trade are/other things I can do for you are:
1. I can buy you any item currently in store--G-Coins or Chibi Coins.
2. I have several starter items (items you get when making your avatar for when you couldn't decide between multiple things or miss the nostalgia).
3. I can make you a profile like mine.
4. I can buy you any ChibiPets in store.
5. I do have random amounts of medals at times so if you're looking for a Medal Exchange item (as I won't just buy them and hope), let me know which~
6. I do have extras of nearly every animal-related item from a gacha or event (Tigers, Pandas, Cats), however, I will only trade them as a last resort as they mean a lot to me.

Ring Exchange
Treasure Hunt
Halloween Masquerade
Gothic Lolita
DJ Event
Visual Kei
Royal Ball
China Town
Angels & Demons
Japanese New Year
Stamp Rally
Selfy's Gifts
Animal Parade
Answer & Win
Tinier Idol
Quirky Hospital
Sweet Valentine
Devilishly Cute
Magical Fairy Tale
Campaign Events
Eternal Fantasy
Treasure Island
Selfy in Wonderland

Pending Trades

Purple Rose Hair Corsage
and Blue Crown Tiara to
Taverlyn for Art