Jenemi's Trading Page

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Treasure Island Gacha

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Treasure Island Gacha.


Pirate Pants Blue x4

Skull Head White x4

Pirate Pants Green x2

Skull Bandana Black x2

Pirate Corset Black x3

Skull Head Black

Skeleton Suit White

Pirate Mini Skirt Black x4

Pirate Mini Skirt Red x2

Skull Head Yellow x2

Pirate Shirt Blue

Skeleton Suit Black

Pirate Corset Green


Damsel's Dress Pink x2

Ocean Wavy Hair Blue

Damsel's Feather Hat Black x2

Mini One Piece with Tattoo Red

Map and Compass Brown x2

Map and Compass Black

Damsel's Feather Hat Blue

Cutlass White x2

Ocean Wavy Hair Yellow x2

Pirate Dress Black

Pirate Dress Blue x2

Mini One Piece with Tattoo Purple

Cutlass Red


Pirate Suit Pink

Hook Hand with Skull Blue

Navy Officer Saber Black

Hook Hand with Skull Pink

Spikey Beard Red

Captain's Pirate Hat Yellow

Tank Top with Tattoo Black x2