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Tinier Idol

This page features all items I have to trade that are from Tinier Idol Gachapon.


Idol Ribbon Hairband Pink x4

Idol Ribbon Hairband Purple x4

Idol Ribbon Hairband Blue x4

Portable Player Pink x2

Spring Camisole A Pink

Casual Long Hoodie Blue x3

Portable Player Blue x2

Stage Mike Purple

Portable Player White x2

Portable Player Orange x3

Frilly Idol Mike Orange x2

Stage Mike Pink

Portable Player Green

Frilly Idol Mike Red x2

Casual Long Hoodie Purple x2


Cyber Headset Pink x4

Gradient Twin Side Tails Black

Gradient Twin Side Tails Yellow x3

Cyber Headset Green x3

Rollerblades with Knee Socks Green

Back Twin Ribbon Pink x3

Cyber Headset Blue x3

Cyberspace Girl Idol A Orange/Blue x2

Cyberspace Girl Idol B White x2

Cyberspace Girl Idol A Pink

Rollerblades with Knee Socks Blue x2

Cyber Headset Yellow x3

Back Twin Ribbon Blue x3

Cyber Headset White x2


Checkered Message Bag Yellow x5

Idol Sunglasses Yellow x3

Idol Rollerblades Purple x2

Cyberspace Boy Idol B White/Purple x2

Idol Sunglasses Purple x3

Idol Sunglasses Black x2

Idol Rollerblades Blue x5

Idol Sunglasses Green x2

Casual Rockstar A Blue/Red with Black Pants x4

Gradient Asymmetry Blue/White

Jacket with Striped Shirt A Blue

Cyberspace Boy Idol A Orange

Idol Rollerblades Red

Gradient Asymmetry Red

Checkered Message Bag Black

Idol Rollerblades White x2

Idol Rollerblades Black