Jenemi's Trading Page

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Visual Kei Gachapon

This page features all items I have to trade that are from the Visual Kei Gachapon.


Bandage Black x3

Cool Straight Blue x2

Corset Black x3

Corset Red x3

Corset White

Heart Accent Handbag Black

Punkish Idol Top A Blue x2

Punkish Idol Top A Red

Romantic One Piece Black x1

Romantic One Piece White x3

Skirt with Garter Belt Black x4

Skirt with Garter Belt White/Black x2

Skull Bling Necklace White x5

Skull Bling Necklace Gold x3

Queen's Curled Hair Blue


Colorful Riders Jacket Blue x3

Fashionable Sunglasses Black

Punk Carry Bag Black

Punk Carry Bag White x3

Sexy Visual Suit A Red

Sleeveless Coat Black

Wild Medium Black

Wild Medium Red x2

Sexy Visual Suit A Blue

Star Pin Necktie Red