Jenemi's Pink Waters Zoo

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Hello! My name is Jen and welcome to Jenemi's Trading Page ... The World of Pokemon TinierMe Pets and Animals--Jenemi's Pink Waters Zoo! This is for all my cute little animals I named on TinierMe as people have constantly asked. If a pet isn't here and you think it should be, MiniMail me with what and why! Thank you :D

Note: Any pets with a * next to it were not named by me as I believe in keeping the original names of pets (if they had any) when gotten. You can see all the names using the little scroll bar in the text box if I have more than one. It's one name per line.

Note 2: Can you no longer take care of your pet? Do you no longer have time? All pets are welcomed into the zoo to be loved forever. <3

Note 3: Due to busy-ness, this page of the site is currently a bit outdated. Hopefully we'll get it back up to date soon <3

Wardrobe Pets

Interior Pets

Chibi Pets